About us

Working for the good of policyholders and beneficiaries

About us

What we do

Accurate Data Services is a specialist people tracing firm, helping unite pension scheme members, beneficiaries and policyholders with unclaimed assets. We started the business in 2003, and are privately owned.

Who we work for

We provide services to the pension, financial and professional services sectors, primarily pension managers and trustees, asset managers, insurers and probate solicitors.

How we help

Our in house research team specialises in locating missing pension scheme members, beneficiaries and financial policyholders. We also help clients maintain accurate data. This is vital in treating customers fairly and helps them reduce reserves and liabilities on their balance sheet, and helps their customers by ensuring they will receive their assets when a policy matures.

If you are not sure how accurate your data is, we will run a free data health check for you. This will tell you how your data could be improved so you can make an informed decision on any next steps. Contact us for more information.

Free data health check