We have contacted you because a financial services company or a solicitor has appointed us to trace individuals who are either:

– Owed money or shares from a financial institution

– Owed a share of an estate

Our client has given us your name and details of your relationship to them. We use this information, along with information held in the public domain to trace you to your current address. If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have a forwarding address for the person please advise us so that we can write to them at their new address. Please then destroy the letter that you received. If you have no address but do know the name of the estate agent that managed the sale/purchase of the property, this would be very helpful.

Accurate Data Services is a UK registered limited company that helps financial services companies and solicitors trace beneficiaries or policyholders.

The executors or solicitors who are administering an estate, or the financial service company we are acting for pay us a search fee. Therefore no further payment is due to us, and this will be made clear in the letter you have received.

All we need from you is confirmation that the facts as stated in the letter you have received are correct. We will then pass your contact details to the relevant firm. Subject to the usual checks you should then receive the funds, assets or artefacts due to you.

Accurate Data Services works only under circumstances where the payment has already been made or agreed by the financial services company or solicitor. We never request payment from you, the beneficiary, and we never, under any circumstances, work for companies trying to trace debts.

If we haven’t provided this information in the letter you received from us, the executor, solicitor or financial services company we are acting for will be in touch with you. 

There are no catches. Accurate Data Services provides a useful and legal service for our clients who want to trace their customers, usually to return unclaimed assets to them.