Heirtrace solutions

Solutions to help you trace missing beneficiaries

Heirtrace solutions

Tracing beneficiaries

Our approach to tracing missing beneficiaries is totally flexible and is built around three core options:

  1. to locate one legal beneficiary, verify the information found and provide you with a full report on the case
  2. to trace all legal beneficiaries, verify the information and provide you with a full report, all death certificates and grants of probate
  3. usually requested by probate lawyers when in depth genealogical research is needed together with a full report on the deceased’s estate. We charge an hourly rate for this service

Providing family trees

When handling intestacy case and the only information you have is from relatives or friends of the deceased, our team can research and verify the details for you, as well as fill in any gaps


As an introducer appointed representative of LawSure Direct, we can arrange insurance for you:

  • Missing Beneficiary Insurance – designed to protect and indemnify the executor, administrator, trustees and the beneficiaries traced in case any beneficiaries that are unknown or missing come forward at a later date
  • Missing Will Insurance – you can’t always know for sure that the deceased was intestate or that you have their most recent will

Bankruptcy searches

Personal representatives should have a bankruptcy search carried out before starting distribution of the deceased’s estate to beneficiaries. If a beneficiary is bankrupt, the executor should liaise with the trustee in bankruptcy over payment of the legacy.

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