Pensions Dashboard - Cleanse your scheme data now


Accurate Data Services is one of a panel of experts advising the Treasury Dashboard steering committee.

With the Pensions Dashboard prototype due to be ready in early 2017 and a full roll out in 2019, there is a very tight time table of events in place.

It is commonly recognised that data quality will be critical in the success of the Dashboard.

At no time since tPR issued Common and Conditional Data guidelines in 2010, has the accuracy of scheme data become so vital. In addition to the basic concept of knowing who and where your customers are, it is likely some elements of common data will be the key to security around consumers accessing the Dashboard

Conditional data (which has to some extent been ignored by many) will become far more important in delivering the information that the consumer will require.

Despite tPR guidelines, data quality issues still prevail with insufficient steps having been taken to ensure quality.

With strong commitment to the delivery of the Pensions Dashboard it falls all schemes to co-operate and provide timely and accurate data. Failures to do so may well lead to compulsion.



LawBiztech 2016 Olympia 25th and 26th October 2016

Accurate Data Services will be exhibiting at the LawBizTech 2016 at Olympia on the 25th and 26th October 2016.

We will be on Stand 356 explaining how we help lawyers trace missing heirs and beneficiaries, so please do pop by and see us for a chat.

Further details regarding the exhibition can be found here:

Transparency Symposium – Unclaimed Assets

David Rich, CEO of Accurate Data Services will be speaking about Unclaimed Assets held by the Life, Pensions, Investment and Savings industries at the next highly popular Transparency Symposium in London on the 21st September.


Accurate Data Services will be exhibiting at the LAW2016 NEC, on 5th & 6th October at the NEC Gallery located in Birmingham. We will be on Stand 23, so please do pop by and see us for a chat. Further details regarding the exhibition can be found here:


Phil Ninness: Business Development Manager

Accurate Data Services are delighted to announce that Phil Ninness has joined our team as Business Development Manager. Phil’s many years experience in the tracing and data quality field, and in assisting financial institutions with managing and solving their unclaimed asset and “gone away” customer problems, is a welcome addition to our strong and committed team.

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