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How to clean up your data and reduce unclaimed assets

Our solutions

Mortality screening

This is a key component of our data cleansing services and is a fundamental of good database management. It will minimise pension over-payments reducing reserves held on your balance sheet, reduce fraud and identity theft, and ensure money belonging to the deceased policyholder reaches the right beneficiaries.

Data profiling audit

This will tell you how good your data is, highlighting levels of deceased, goneaway and living as stated records.

Tracing goneaway customers

  • Auto trace: an automated batch process using high quality data sets and providing reliable and qualified results. 
  • Basic trace: a manual trace conducted by a researcher using consented data and registrar information to confirm an address or locate a new address. The results are not verified. 
  • Forensic trace: an advanced manual trace with a researcher using all the datasets and tools available and where required identifying alternative contacts and making contact to verify identified information.  
  • Identification & verification: our researchers will make contact with the customer to confirm and verify their identity and location.

Deceased tracing and verification

After finding the death record of the deceased and obtaining the death certificate or grant of probate, our researchers will locate one or more legal beneficiaries, verify the information found and provide you with a full report on the case.

International tracing

Our solutions for tracing customers who have moved overseas and are typically harder to find, are led by our in house researchers and use a combination of automated and manual scrutiny.

Data appending

After screening your data to check for accuracy, you will have the option to have it enhanced. We can add:

  • Telephone numbers (home, work and mobile)
  • Email addresses
  • Mobile numbers
  • Dates of birth

In short, any data field that would help meet your objectives.

Additional services

  • Spouse trace
  • Next of Kin / Beneficiary
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate or Death Certificates
  • Bank account validation and verification
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • PEP and Sanction checks
  • International verification of residency
  • Passport / Driving licence verification
  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency checks

If you are not sure how accurate your data is, we will run a free data health check for you. This will tell you how your data could be improved so you can make an informed decision on any next steps. Contact us for more information.

Free data health check