Find missing beneficiaries with Accurate Data Services


Locating missing beneficiaries named in a will or identifying relatives in the case of an intestate estate can be a time consuming and precarious task for the probate practitioner.  Solicitors conducting their own research or trusting research carried out by the family of the deceased leave themselves exposed to a multitude of potential problems, including litigation.

Solicitors on the line

While the roles of the executor or personal representative carry a great deal of responsibility, for solicitors and probate practitioners, the risks are considerable – for instance if a client died seemingly intestate, and then a will comes to light; or a hitherto unknown beneficiary materialises.

People on the move

And with today’s highly mobile population, it is all too easy for family members to have disappeared, moving elsewhere in the country or even abroad and losing contact with their family.

Whether your client has passed away intestate, or you need to trace a beneficiary named in a will, we can help. Our Heirtrace Solutions team provides specialist genealogical people tracing services to solicitors and probate practitioners to enable beneficiaries to be united with bequeathed assets. We can also provide family trees and bankruptcy searches worldwide.

As appointed representatives of LawSure Direct, we can also arrange missing beneficiary and missing will indemnity insurance for you.

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